Connected Car Services Global Study

Companies mentioned in the Connected Car Services Global Study

The mobility landscape is changing at an incredibly rapid pace and we feel it is high-time to bring a unified view regarding the future market for connected mobility services and examine their global evolution.

To conduct this study and deliver 5 year market forecasts for the 14 mobility services we have leveraged experience garnered from:

  • 7 years of primary research in the connected mobility market,
  • Insights from more than 70 consulting assignments in the field of connected mobility,
  • Interviews with over 60 executives from across the mobility spectrum,
  • A thorough review of worldwide mergers, acquisitions and strategic undertakings by applicable companies.

In this report we make reference to over 600 mobility companiesspanning the 14 connected services, ranging from 3M to Zubie.

AA Automobile club Navigation software (aftermarket)
AAA Automobile club tMapfre Insurance company
Abertis Road operator, toll charger tMAPFRE Asistencia (International) White label RSA service provider
ABN AMRO Lease Leasing company tMapfre Assistance eCall filtering entity / assistance company
Accenture Analytics provider tMapMyIndia Navigable maps
ACE Car rental tMappy Location-based content & services
ACI (Italy) Automobile club tMapQuest Navigation software (aftermarket)
Actia eCall embedded OBU tMarvell Automotive supplier
ADAC Car club tMasterCard General payment card companiy
Advantage Car rental tMasternaut Telematics Technology provider
Agero (SiriusXM) RSA Telematics Service provider tMatcha B2C car sharing – non OEM
Agip Oil company with own fuel card solutions tMatrix (part of Mix Telematics) eCall aftermarket device
Agnik Analytics provider tMaven (GM) B2C car sharing – OEM
Airbiquity Telematics Service Provider tMechanics Advisor B2C dongle solutions provider
AKF Leasing Leasing company tMediamobile Location-based content & services
Alamo Car rental tMercedes  Leasing company integrating fuel cards
Alba Leasing Major leasing company tMercedes mbrace or Connect eCall Car maker
Alcatel Mobile hotspot supplier tMeta Service Provider (aftermarket)
ALD Automotive Leasing company tMeta system Telematics Technology Provider (TTP)
Allianz Insurance company tMetaSystem eCall aftermarket device
Allianz Global Assistance Roadside assistance provider and Auto club tNavInfo Navigation software (embedded)
Allstate eCall filtering entity / assistance company tMetavera Device and service provider
Allstate roadside assistance (US) Insurance and other independent player tMiCar  B2C car sharing – non OEM
Alphabet (BMW) Leasing company integrating fuel cards tMichelin Travel Partners Location-based content & services
Altech Netstar Telematics Service Provider tMicrolise Telematics technology provider
American Express General payment card companiy tMicromax Mobile hotspot supplier
Amodo Telematics Service Provider tMicronet Enertec Technologies Telematics Technology provider
Amovens P2P car pooling tMireo Navigation software (aftermarket)
An Ji (China) Automobile club tMitsubishi Component
AND Navigable maps tMitsubishi HI Systems integrator
Ants P2P car pooling tMiveo  Device and service provision
ANWB Roadside assistance provider and Auto club tMix Telematics Telematics Technology provider
ANWB (Netherland) Automobile club tMobile Devices Telematics Technology Provider (TTP)
Anydata Telematics Technology Provider (TTP) tMobileEYE Telematics Technology provider
Apple Navigation software (aftermarket) tMobility B2C car sharing – non OEM
Arval Major leasing company tMobiliz Telematics technology provider
Arvato Systems integrator tModo  B2C car sharing – non OEM
Arvento Mobile Telematics Service Provider tModus Telematics Service Provider (TSP)
Astrata FMS provider integrating fuel cards tMojio Mobile TSP
AT&T (US) Insurance and other independent player tMondial Assistance eCall filtering entity / assistance company
Athlon Leasing company integrating fuel cards tMondial/Allianz Global Assistance  White label RSA service provider
Atlantia Systems integrator tMoveAbout B2C car sharing – non OEM
Atlas Choice Rental agent tMulti Service Tolls Toll service provider
Atrack Telematics technology provider (TTP) tMulticity (Citroen) B2C car sharing – OEM
ATZuche P2P car sharing tMycartracks Smartphone based TSP
Audi OEM tMyDrive Solutions Mobile TSP
Audiovox Telematics Technology Provider (TTP) tMyles B2C car sharing – non OEM
Auto Escape Rental agent tMylesCar Car rental
Auto Europe Car rental tNabobil P2P car sharing
Autobleue B2C car sharing – non OEM tNational Car rental
Autobot B2C dongle solutions provider tNATIXIS Lease  Leasing company
Autolib B2C car sharing – non OEM tNavitime Navigation software (aftermarket)
Autoliv Key system component tNavmii Navigation software (aftermarket)
Automatic Mobile TSP tNDrive Navigation software (aftermarket)
Automile Mobile TSP tNebula systems Automotive supplier
AutoNavi Navigation software (embedded) tNetgear Mobile hotspot supplier
Autonet Automotive supplier tNexTraq Telematics technology provider
Autostrade Systems integrator tNissan OEM
Autostrade per Italia Toll agency, toll charger tNNG Navigation software (embedded)
AutostradeTech Component tNorbit Component
Avis Car rental tNordea Finance Telematics service provider
Avis Lease Telematics service provider tNoritomo P2P car pooling
Axa Assistance eCall filtering entity / assistance company tNova car hire Rental agent
AXA Assitance (Europe) White label RSA service provider tNovatel Wireless Telematics Technology Provider (TTP)
Axxès Toll service provider tNovatell Wireless Telematics Technology provider
Baidu Navigation software (aftermarket) tNovera Automotive supplier
Baseline Telematics Telematics Service Provider (TSP) tNovero eCall embedded OBU
Bessermitfahren P2P car pooling tO2 B2C dongle solutions provider
Big Road Smartphone based TSP tOAMTC Roadside assistance provider and Auto club
Bipoolen B2C car sharing – non OEM tOAMTC (Austria) Automobile club
BlaBlaCar P2P car pooling tOcto Telematics Telematics Service Provider (TSP)
BlancRide P2P car pooling tOJSC VEB Leasing Telematics service provider
Blink Roadside assistance (US) Insurance and other independent player tOla  B2C & P2P car pooling
Blom 3D map tOlive Trips  P2P car pooling
BMW Car maker tOmniComm Fuel level sensing system
BP Oil company tOmnitracs  Telematics technology provider
Breeze Car rental tOMV Toll service provider
Brisa Road operator, toll charger tOnStar Connected services operator (aftermarket)
Broadcom Automotive supplier tOnStar (GM)  Device and service provision
Budget Car rental tOpenFleet Device and service provision
Business Lease Group Telematics service provider tOcto Telematics Telematics Service Provider (TSP)
C2G Logic Device and service provision tOpenStreetMap Navigable maps
CAA (China) Automobile club tORACLE Analytics provider
Calamp Telematics Technology Provider (TTP) tOrange Business Services Telematics technology provider
Caldrons Toll agency, toll charger tOrion Telematics Technology Provider (TTP)
Cambio B2C car sharing – non OEM tOrix Auto Corp Leasing/car sharing integrating fuel cards
Cambridge Mobile Telematics Analytics provider/ Mobile TSP tOrtec Telematics Technology provider
Car next door P2P car sharing tOuicar  P2P car sharing
Car2Go (Daimler) B2C car sharing – OEM tParkopedia Location-based content & services
Car4Use B2C car sharing – non OEM tPayGo Systems Telematics Technology Provider (TTP)
CarAmigo P2P car sharing tPeople’s Uber B2C car pooling
Careco B2C car sharing – non OEM tPetron Oil company
Carhood P2P car sharing tPetronas Oil company
Carma P2P car pooling tPKO Leasing Major leasing company
Caronetas P2P car pooling tPointer Telematics Service provider
Carpool King P2P car pooling tPorsche Bank Telematics service provider
Carpool mates P2P car pooling tPPZuche P2P car sharing
Carpool World P2P car pooling tProcon  Telematics Technology provider Rental agent tPSA Peugeot Citroën OEM
Carrot B2C car sharing – non OEM tQ-Free Systems integrator
Cars-scanner Rental agent tQ8 Oil company with own fuel card solutions
Cartrack Telematics Service provider tQualcomm Key system component
Carzonrent Car rental tQuartix Telematics Technology Provider (TTP)
CCS FMS provider integrating fuel cards tQuartrix OBD dongle manufacturer
CDL Analytics provider tQuecklink Telematics Technology Provider (TTP)
Cellocator Telematics Technology provider tQuicar (VW) B2C car sharing – OEM
Censio Telematics Service Provider (TSP) tQuickQ RFID gas stations system
Centra Toll agency, toll charger tRAC Telematics Service Provider (TSP)
Cesar Satellite Service provider (in-line fitted) tRAC (UK) Automobile club
CGI Analytics provider tRACE (Spain) Automobile club
Chainway Telematics Technology Provider (TTP) tRadius Independent fuel card service provider
Chevron Oil company tRAF (Russia) Automobile club
China Auto Rental Major leasing company tRAXEL Telematics Service Provider (TSP)
China Auto Rental Holdings Rental agent tRCI Banque  Telematics service provider
Chrysler Uconnect Car maker tRdvouz P2P car pooling
Cite lib (Toyota) B2C car sharing – OEM tRedtail Telematics Technology Provider (TTP)
Citroen Contract Motoring Major leasing company tRental Car Group Rental agent
City Automobile club B2C car sharing – non OEM Rental agent
Citygo B2C car pooling tRessa Toll service provider
ClickSoftware Telematics Service provider tRhino Car Hire  Rental agent
Co-Wheels B2C car sharing – non OEM tRidebuzz P2P car pooling
Cognizant Analytics provider tRidefinder P2P car pooling
Collision management system (CMS) Analytics provider tRidefinders P2P car pooling
Communauto B2C car sharing – non OEM tRidemix P2P car pooling
Comovee Device and service provision tRoadnet Telematics technology provider
Comparte P2P car pooling tRoadnet Technologies Telematics Service provider
Complete Innovation Telematics Service provider tRobert Bosch eCall embedded OBU
Continental Service provider (in-line fitted) tRostec Systems integrator
Continental eCall embedded OBU tRoute 66 Navigation software (aftermarket)
Convadis Device and service provision tRyde B2C car pooling
Coride P2P car pooling tRydes P2P car pooling
Corral Labs Device and service provision tSamsung B2C dongle solutions provider
Coseats P2P car pooling tSanef ITS Systems integrator
Coyote System Navigation device (PND) tSantander Espana Telematics service provider
Credit Suisse AG Telematics service provider tSAP Analytics provider
CSR Automotive supplier tSAS Analytics provider
Ctrack Telematics technology provider tSascar Telematics Service provider
Cubic Systems integrator tSchneider Electric Systems integrator
Daimler OEM tScoop  Device and service provision
Daimler Fleet Management Major leasing company tScope Technologies Telematics Service Provider (TSP)
Danlaw Telematics Technology Provider (TTP) tShare transport  P2P car pooling
Dash Mobile TSP tShare Your Ride P2P car pooling
De Lage Landen International Telematics Service Provider tShell Oil company with own fuel card solutions
Delphi Telematics Technology Provider (TTP) tShell (Europe) Toll service provider
Denso eCall embedded OBU tSIEMENS Systems integrator
Detector Telematics Service Provider (TSP) tSiemens Financial Services Telematics service provider
Deutsche Lending Telematics service provider tSierra Wireless Component
Didi Chuxing (Shun Feng Che) B2C car pooling tSierra Wireless  Key system component
Digiparts Device and service provision tSingu  Device and service provision
DigitalGlobe 3D map tSirit Component
DKV Independent fuel card service provider tSiriusXM (Agero) Service provider (in-line fitted)
DKV Toll service provider tSISTRAN Analytics provider
Dollar Car rental tSixt Car rental
Dolphin Telematics Service Provider (TSP) tSixt Leasing  Telematics service provider
Donlen Analytics provider tSky patrol Telematics Technology provider
DriveFactor Telematics Service Provider (TSP) tSkyscanner Rental agent
DriveJoy P2P car sharing tSmartFuel Fuel level sensing system
DriveNow (BMW) B2C car sharing – OEM tSnappCar P2P car sharing
Driver’s Alert Telematics Service provider tSocar  B2C car sharing – non OEM
Driveway Telematics Service Provider (TSP) tSodexo Independent fuel card service provider
Drivy P2P car sharing tSpedion Smartphone based TSP
Drust Mobile TSP tSpireon Telematics Technology provider
DVB LogPay Toll service provider tSplit-it B2C car pooling
E-covoiturage P2P car pooling tSPX Automotive supplier
E-Drive Technology Telematics Service provider tSquarell Fuel level sensing system
Earnix Analytics provider tSSP Analytics provider
Ease simulation Automotive supplier tStatoil Oil company with own fuel card solutions
Easy Car Rental agent tSTP Independent fuel card service provider
Easy Automobile club P2P car sharing tStrabag Component
Easyway  P2P car pooling tSubaru Starlink OEM
Ebbon-Dacs Independent fuel card service provider tSunfleet (Volvo) B2C car sharing – OEM
Ecofrotas Independent fuel card service provider tSunPass Toll agency, toll charger
Economy Car Rentals Rental agent tSygic Smartphone based TSP
Edenred (UTA) Independent fuel card service provider tT-Systems Systems integrator
EFKON Systems integrator tTakata Key system component
EFKON  Component tTapazz P2P car sharing
Egis Projects Systems integrator tTechnoton Fuel level sensing system
Eileo  Device and service provision tTelenav Navigation software (embedded)
Element Financial Corporation Major leasing company tTelenav Enterprise Fleet TSP integrating fuel cards
Elift Club P2P car pooling tTelepass Toll agency, toll charger
Eliocity Xee B2C dongle solutions provider tTelepass (Autostrade) Toll service provider
EMG Navigation software (embedded) tTeletrac Navman  Telematics technology provider
Encamello  P2P car pooling tTelia Sonera B2C dongle solutions provider
Engis Technologies Navigation software (aftermarket) tTelit Key system component
ENI Toll service provider tTelogis Telematics technology provider
Enjoy (Fiat) B2C car sharing – OEM tTencent B2C dongle solutions provider
Enterprise Car rental tTexa B2C dongle solutions provider
EROAD Toll service provider tTexas Instrument Automotive supplier
Europ Assistance eCall filtering entity / assistance company tThe Floow Analytics provider
Europ Assistance (Europe)  White label RSA service provider tThrifty Car rental
Europcar Car rental tTimes Car Plus B2C car sharing – non OEM
Eurotoll (sanef) Toll service provider tTomTom Telematics technology provider
Eurowag Toll service provider tTomTom Telematics Fleet TSP integrating fuel cards
Expedia Rental agent tTotal Toll service provider
EZ-Pass Toll agency, toll charger tTouring Club (Switzerland, Belgium) Automobile club
Google Device and service provision tTouring Club Belgium Roadside assistance provider and Auto club
eZway B2C dongle solutions provider tTower Watson Analytics provider
Fastrack Toll agency, toll charger tToyota OEM
Ficosa eCall embedded OBU tToyota Safety Connect OEM
Findalift P2P car pooling tTp-Link Mobile hotspot supplier
Firefly Car rental tTracker Telematics technology provider
Fleet on Demand Independent fuel card service provider tTracker (worldwide) Service Provider (aftermarket)
FleetCor Toll service provider tTracker ZA Telematics Technology Provider (TTP)
Fleetmatics Telematics technology provider tTrackm8 Telematics Technology Provider (TTP)
Fleetster  Device and service provision tTrackstar Service Provider (aftermarket)
Flinc  P2P car pooling tTrafineo Toll service provider
Flinkster B2C car sharing – non OEM tTrak Global Telematics Service Provider (TSP)
FMG Support Telematics Service Provider (TSP) tTrakm8 Telematics Technology provider
Ford OEM tTranscore Systems integrator
Ford Sync Car maker tTranscore  Component
Foursquare Location-based content & services tTransics Telematics technology provider
G.E.A Component tTranspass (Egis) Toll service provider
Garmin Navigation software (embedded) tTranspoco Fleet TSP integrating fuel cards
GE Capital Major leasing company tTransurban Toll agency, toll charger
Generali Insurance company tTranzLease Telematics service provider
Geoconcept Telematics Technology provider tTraqueur Service Provider (aftermarket)
Geotab Telematics Technology Provider (TTP) tTravel Supermarket Rental agent
Getaround P2P car sharing tTrees for cars P2P car pooling
GM OEM tTrimble FMS provider
GM OnStar OEM tTrimble (ALK) Navigation software (aftermarket)
GM OnStar (US) Insurance and other independent player tTripAdvisor Location-based content & services
GMV Components tTripda P2P car pooling
GoCar B2C car sharing – non OEM tTRL Analytics provider
GoCarShare P2P car pooling tTRW Key system component
GoCatch P2P car pooling tTuro P2P car sharing
GoDrive (Ford) B2C car sharing – OEM tTurpak RFID gas stations system
Jooycar Mobile TSP tTxTag, TollTag, EZ Tag Toll agency, toll charger
GoFleet Telematics technology provider tUbercommute B2C car pooling
GoMore P2P car sharing tUberpool B2C car pooling
Gomyway P2P car pooling tUBI Finance Major leasing company
GoodCard Independent fuel card service provider tUhaul Car rental
Grabhitch B2C car pooling tUK Fuel Independent fuel card service provider
Green Flag (Direct Line) White label RSA service provider tUnicredit leasing Major leasing company
Green Road Smartphone based TSP tUnionPay General payment card companiy
GreenRoad Telematics Service provider tUnipolSai Insurance company
Greenwheels (VW) B2C car sharing – OEM tUniqa Insurance company
Gurtam Telematics technology provider (US) On-demand roadside assistance platform
HaHa Pinche P2P car pooling tUS Bank (Voyager) Independent fuel card service provider
Hame Technology Co. Mobile hotspot supplier tUTA Toll service provider
Harman Navigation software (embedded) tValeo (Peiker) Key system component
Hazens Automotive Navigation device (PND) tVayamos Juntos P2P car pooling
Heetch B2C car pooling tVendeka Systems integrator
HERE Navigation software (embedded) tVerband Öffentlicher Versicherer Insurance company
Hertz Car rental tVerisk Device and service provision
Hertz Lease  Telematics service provider tVerison Device and service provision
Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions Major leasing company tVerizon B2C dongle solutions provider
Hitch-a-ride  P2P car pooling tVerizon NetworkFleet Telematics technology provider
Hochtief Toll agency, toll charger tVerizon Telematics Telematics Service Provider (TSP)
Holiday Autos Rental agent tVia B2C car pooling
Honk (US) Insurance and other independent player tViajamosjuntos  P2P car pooling
Huawei Technologies Mobile hotspot supplier tVialtis Toll service provider
Hubio Telematics Service Provider (TSP) tViasat Telematics Service Provider (TSP)
Hyundai Blue Link Remote OEM tVinci Toll agency, toll charger
Hyundai Mobis eCall embedded OBU tVinli B2C dongle solutions provider
Ibilek B2C car sharing – non OEM tVISA General payment card companiy
IBM Analytics provider tVisteon eCall embedded OBU
icarsclub B2C car sharing – non OEM tVitronic Component
Identifix Automotive supplier tVodafone Auto (Cobra) Service provider (in-line fitted)
IHS Automotive Location-based content & services tVodafone Automotive Telematics Service Provider (TSP)
iMetrik Telematics Service Provider (TSP) tZenrin Navigable maps
IMS Telematics Service Provider (TSP) tZify P2P car pooling
Infrasure Mobile TSP tZimride P2P car pooling
Inosat Device and service provision tZipcar B2C car sharing – non OEM
Inrix Location-based content & services tVolkswagen OEM
Inter Mutuelles Assistance Roadside assistance provider and Auto club tVolkswagen Car-Net Car maker
Inter Mutuelles Assistances (IMA) eCall filtering entity / assistance company tVolkswagen Fleet Leasing company integrating fuel cards
Intermap Technologies 3D map tVolkswagen Group Leasing Major leasing company
Intermutual Assistance (Europe) White label RSA service provider tVolvo OEM
Interrent Car rental tVolvo OnCall Car maker
Invers Device and service provision tVoxx Electronics B2C dongle solutions provider
ITURAN Telematics Service provider tVRent (VW) B2C car sharing – OEM
JAF (Japan) Automobile club tVulog Device and service provision
Jet Cost Rental agent tWayzup B2C car pooling
Kangaride P2P car pooling tWaze P2P car pooling
Kapsch  Systems integrator tWejo Smartphone based TSP
Karma  Mobile hotspot supplier tWEMA Fuel level sensing system
Kayak Rental agent tWestern India Automobile Association White label RSA service provider
Keep Truckin Smartphone based TSP tWEX Toll service provider
Kemwel Car rental tWEX (EFS) RFID gas stations system
KT Kumho Car rental tWhite Clark Group Major leasing company
Kuantic Telematics Technology Provider (TTP) tWireless Car Connected platform operator (embedded)
La route verte  P2P car pooling tWireless Logic Device and service provision Rental agent tWorld Fuel Independent fuel card service provider
Launch Telematics Technology Provider (TTP) tWunelli Telematics Service Provider (TSP)
Leaseplan Major leasing company tXerox Systems integrator
Let’s Drive (GM) B2C car sharing – OEM tXirgo Telematics Technology Provider (TTP)
Lex Autolease Major leasing company tXRS Corporation Telematics Service provider
Lexis-Nexis Analytics provider tYandex Navigation software (aftermarket)
Liftshare P2P car pooling tYelp Location-based content & services
Locomute  B2C car sharing – non OEM tYF International Navigation device (PND)
Lojack Service Provider (aftermarket) tYourDrive P2P car sharing
Lyft Line B2C car pooling tZemtu  Device and service provision
Lysanda Telematics Technology provider tZonar Systems Telematics service provider providing fuel solutions
m2m Telefonica Telematics technology provider tZoomcar B2C car sharing – non OEM
Macquarie Toll agency, toll charger tZTE Mobile hotspot supplier
Magellan Navigation device (PND) tZubie Mobile TSP