Autonomous Vehicle Technology and Suppliers Global Study: Table of contents

  1. How will AV actually work?
    1. Introduction to the AV landscape and value chain
    2. AV architecture & building blocks
    3. Factors driving the development & deployment of autonomous vehicles
  2. Where do tech suppliers actually stand?
    1. Key technical challenges for the development and deployment of automation solutions
    2. Technology criticality at each automation level
    3. Road environment sensing technology & market
      • Lidars
      • Radars
      • Cameras
    4. Contextual data sensing technology & market
      • HA GNSS/INS
      • HD maps
      • V2X
    5. AI development technology & market
      • Machine learning and neural networks
    6. Software & hardware platform technology & market
      • Processing hardware
      • Software platforms
  3. The road leading from ADAS to AVs
    1. Existing ADAS solutions
      • Lateral collisions avoidance
      • Cruise systems
      • Frontal collision avoidance
      • Vision systems
      • Parking systems
      • Vital signs monitoring
    2. Analysis of 6 key AV launch use case
      • Highway zone: Traffic jam L3, Highway Drive L3, L4
      • Urban zone: Robotaxis, Shuttles, Valet Parking L4
  4. Assessment of core automation suppliers
    1. Supplier profiles for each building block
    2. Suppliers appraisal and ranking for each building block and across them
  5. How tech giants will change the rule of the game
  6. Forecasting the sensor suite market
  7. Conclusions