Forecasting the HD maps market for autonomous vehicles

A national consortium of car manufacturers and digital mapping companies wished to understand the feasibility of forming a common platform for HD maps of expressways and general roads in their respective countries. PTOLEMUS was asked to help assess and forecast the market for HD maps for autonomous vehicles.

As a newly formed consortium with the objective of creating a common platform for HD maps, the client needed a thorough understanding of the current global market of autonomous vehicles and HD maps as well as future evolution. In particular, in order to become a leader in the domestic market, the client sought to ensure that the standards it developed were leading edge, competitive and compatible in the global market. This would guarantee their future business with international map makers, automotive manufactures and suppliers.

PTOLEMUS possesses expertise in the global automotive industry and autonomous vehicle technologies. This project allowed PTOLEMUS to perform an in-depth analysis of ADAS and autonomous vehicle technologies at each level of automation, and to evaluate alternative combinations of technologies, with a primary focus on HD maps.

In 3 months, by making use of in-house expertise, and conducting comprehensive primary and secondary research, PTOLEMUS successfully assisted the client in acquiring a complete understanding of the global markets for autonomous vehicles and HD Maps. We provided the client with:

  • An in-depth analysis of ADAS and autonomous driving technologies, the ecosystem, key players & markets, established partnerships, regulations, research programmes and development trends
  • A description of technical requirements at each level of automation, requirements for HD maps and potential alternative technologies
  • Competitive benchmark of HD map providers and their available solutions
  • A prediction of future HD maps business models
  • A global market forecast of the HD map market size & revenues from 2015 to 2030