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Initial meeting programme of The Autonomous Club (TAC)

Connected cars are already a reality in Europe and the market is expected to reach nearly €350 billion in 2020, but the revolution of transport will come from the deployment of automated vehicles. Although the first vehicles are not expected to be launched at the commercial stage before 2023, they could reach a global base of 14 million by 2030.

Despite this very quick uptake and its disruptive potential for multiple industries, very few businesses are aware of how the automated vehicles revolution will impact their future. Many are already on the move on these issues but the rest of the automotive ecosystem (OEMs and automotive suppliers, rental companies, private and public transport operators, infrastructure builders to name a few) needs to get in motion.

The topicality and the lack of awareness on this major development prompted The Autonomous Club (TAC) to organise a flexible programme of key topics based on the bi-monthly cycle of meetings.

While most of the meetings are planned in Brussels, if the needs is shared, TAC will be able to accommodate some of the meetings in other European capitals.




22nd June 2017

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The impacts of automated vehicles on the automotive ecosystem

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26th September 2017

The necessary framework to handle liability at EU level

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TAC open group: €90

October 2017

The impact of AVs on urban mobility and cities

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December 2017

Who will control connected & autonomous vehicle data?

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February 2018

Should Europe mandate V2V?

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April 2018

Autonomous trucks changing the logistics landscape

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On 22 June 2017, TAC will organise its very first meeting on the impacts of automated vehicles.

This will be an exciting opportunity for the automotive ecosystem to hear about what it coming at them in the next few months and years.

The meeting will host EU institutions’ officials and senior business leaders to share crucial insights on key impacts in terms of disruptive business models and upcoming trends in the industry, connectivity requirements, data protection, insurance products, consumer trust, and more!

The session will firstly introduce you to the landing of automated vehicles in Europe and elsewhere before explaining why they will change the automotive industry and what their key implications on transportation will be. TAC will invite experienced panellists who are tackling these issues on a daily basis. The intimate setting of the breakfast meeting will let you ask all the questions and give you enough networking time to get to know all the participants.

The preliminary agenda of the meeting is described below:


Key theme

The key impacts of automated vehicles (AVs) on the automotive ecosystem


22nd June at the Thon Hotel EU, Rue de la Loi 75, 1040 Bruxelles

Format and times

Breakfast meeting from 8.30-10.30am



Registration and coffee

8.30 AM start


  • Definition of the objectives of the meeting and of the Club

    Jean-Luc Archambault, Director, LYSIOS

    Frédéric Bruneteau, Managing Director, PTOLEMUS

European institutions introduction

  • The impact of Autonomous Vehicles for Europe
    Presentation of the institutions activitiesLudger Rogge, Policy officer Innovative automotive systems, EU Commission, DG Research

Market Keynote


  • The status of the Autonomous Vehicle market and key implications
    – Key trends and changes in the AV market today
    – Impact of AV on the risk sector
    – High level forecast of the AV marketThomas Hallauer, Research Director, PTOLEMUS


  • Each participant introduce their priorities, challenges and expectations for the club

    Moderated by:
    Frédéric Bruneteau, Managing Director, PTOLEMUS

Wrap up


– Impact of the EU institutions’ initiatives
– Stakeholders’ main expectations
– The key issues that TAC will address in the forthcoming meetings

Jean-Michel Chassériaux, Associate Director, LYSIOS

Closing networking coffee

10.30 close


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