You have the big picture, now assess your addressable market


The full European Location Study gives you:

1) The most detailed analysis of the location market in Europe

Overall quantitative analysis of the positioning market size and health by vertical markets and by technology:

2006 – 2014 quantified analysis of:

  • The in-vehicle positioning market
  • The mobile positioning market
  • The consumer electronics positioning market

Expected growth calculations of the following markets

  • Wi-Fi positioning
  • Positioning sensors (MEMS)
  • Network based solutions

2) Extensive overview of the positioning and location application landscape

In-depth analysis of the main player’s strategies in the positioning market, conclusions on trends and recommendations including key take-aways like:

  • 5 ways to prove the business case for operators to invest in location
  • Evaluation of the network based positioning technologies, business models and service opportunities
  • Exactly who will own and control Cell-ID, SUPL or WPS in five years?
  • 7 key transforming factors that will redefine positioning and LBS

3) Unequaled breath, depth and size

The European Location Study is unparalleled in its staggering coverage, research quality and in-deph scrutiny of the market opportunities, the new technical solutions and ecosystem of partners bringing them

  • 220+ page breaking down the location market in every details
  • 135 graphs, tables and illustrations to give you the complete picture
  • more than 300-line spreadsheet accounting for every aspects of the positioning and location market and giving you a unique insight into how your market will evolve
  • Taylored strategic recommendation for the 4 key groups: technology providers, vehicle manufacturers, PND vendors and mobile operators

The study has been refreshed countless time while it was written to include updates on the recent developments. This market is evolving at breakneck speed; only the fast moving decision makers will take full advantage of the European Location Study


Download the European Location Study