Paul Maupin

Director, Marketing, Brussels

An American citizen, Paul has close to 15 years of experience in digital marketing in a range of responsibilities such as website development, copywriting, CRM, analytics, project management, product development, social media management and content strategy.

Paul has worked with a broad range of international clients and brands, large and small, to develop relevant, consistent, and results-oriented digital communication and marketing strategies across channels. 

Responsibilities he endorsed and projects he has managed over his career include:

  • Developed and Implemented and overall management of the global content marketing Strategy for Radisson Hotel Group, including data-driven marketing, communication with key internal and external stakeholders
  • Managed digital channels, social presence and marketing strategy for the Europe region at UPS, including implementation of paid campaigns alongside ad agencies and content creation for the pan-European central channels
  • Strategy assistance for email marketing efforts as well as content development for landing pages and other digital channels
  • Lead content marketing for numerous brands and industries. Responsibilities were ranging from creating digital marketing and advertising campaigns, collecting and reviewing analytics, content creation and copy editing, search engine optimisation, front-end web development, and email coding 
  • Developed & coded HTML templates and assisted in email communication strategy for Jet (2 million+ subscribers), Boxed (1 million+ subscribers), and Discovery Network (100.000+ subscribers)
  • Developed and Implemented thorough, company-wide digital communication, content management, and SEO strategies for the New York School of Regional Anesthesia (NYSORA) including:
    • Attendance of company events for live content and market research
    • Developing and deploying emails to NYSORA’s 30.000+ subscriber base on a weekly basis
    • Building and management of the global website
  • Served as managing editor, lead writer, and webmaster for AskANewYorker
  • Managed the complete digital presence for artist Victor Stabin, including building and maintaining  multiple eCommerce websites, CRM, managing social media presence, and running a successful kickstarter campaign

Paul is an English native speaker with an intermediate control of French.


  • Marketing and communications
  • Strategy development and execution
  • Product & business development
  • Project management