Maurits Aalberse

Partner, Amsterdam

Maurits Aalberse is Partner at PTOLEMUS. With over 25 years of experience in the global mobility industry, he has helped numerous global leaders design and implement their strategies in connected automotive data and services.

Maurits brings over 25 years of experience across North America, Europe, and Asia, working with Connected Car manufacturers, insurance/insurtech firms, and tech companies. His expertise lies in telematics, IoT, vehicle connectivity, and holistic data management.

With this extensive background, expertise and broad industry connections, Maurits has gained unique insights into connectivity, enabling him to see the big picture in mobility business strategy, including Usage-Based Insurance.

Maurits’s experience spans multiple global assignments:

For connected vehicle manufacturers Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover, and Qoros:

  • Shaped the Connected Car roadmap and product development
  • Led the first connectivity delivery for in China
  • Set up and run new business units for Connected Car services in Japan, enabling behavior-based Vehicle Insurance
  • Secured global agreements for Connected Car data Marketplace and in-vehicle Commerce
  • Developed pioneering connected services platforms
  • Managed the partner network and ecosysytem.

At Software Partners Gracenote, TomTom, and Telenav:

  • Led advanced personalisation for in-vehicle media consumption with Car makers
  • Managed telematics and location-based services (LBS) products across three continents
  • Broke into the China market.

For Insurance and Insurtech at Novo in Silicon Valley

  • Spearheaded embedded, software-defined, context-based vehicle insurance strategy and business development
  • Pioneered risk models, reducing driver premiums through Usage–Based Insurance, driver coaching, telematics and ADAS data.

During his ten years in Business Development at IBM, he broadened his expertise in Big Tech, including the Automotive Mobility sector.

Maurits is a native speaker in Dutch, fluent in English, and advanced in German. He holds an MBA from Henley Management College, UK, where his thesis focused on the profitable deployment of vehicle telematics, with a key outcome being the recognition that the most value of connectivity lies in Pay-How-You-Drive Fleet Management.


  • Automotive services
  • Connected vehicle data
  • Usage-based insurance
  • Intelligent transport systems