JD Hassan

Associate Partner, North America

An Associate Partner of PTOLEMUS, JD Hassan is an expert at designing strategies on the subjects of usage-based insurance, roadside assistance, fleet telematics and smart cities.

About JD

JD Hassan is an Associate Partner with the PTOLEMUS Consulting Group, an international strategic advisory firm entirely focused on mobility, M2M, telematics and location-based-services.

JD is an expert at designing strategies, collaborating closely with the consultant team at PTOLEMUS on the subjects of Usage-based Insurance, Roadside Assistance, as well as other connected mobility markets such as Fleet,  Road User Charging, Smart Cities, V2V and V2I.

Before PTOLEMUS, JD gained experience in strategy, change management, and global business development in the domain of telematics and location-based services from companies such as Danlaw, IMS, Skymeter, Michelin,  Octo Telematics, Xerox, IBM, Euromobile, BNV and Egis

Prior to mobility, JD worked in senior management positions with with global multinationals based in Europe, USA and Asia,including Johnson Electric, Corning Inc and Lincoln Electric.


  • Innovation management
  • Investment assistance
  • Partnership strategy
  • Strategy definition