Haili Zuo

Business Analyst, Paris

Haili ZUO is a research and consulting Business Analyst, with experience in Usage-Based Insurance, commercial fleet telematics and electric vehicles. 

Haili is a Business Analyst with experience in research and consulting. Within PTOLEMUS, Haili develops her knowledge and expertise in Usage-Based Insurance, commercial fleet telematics and electric vehicles. 

Haili’s most important assignments include:

  • Participated in PTOLEMUS’ Connected Auto Insurance Global Study, broadened the knowledge of Usage-Based-Insurance Market and assessed the market dynamics under the new regulatory landscape in China.
  • Participated in PTOLEMUS’ Commercial Fleet Telematics Global Study, researched and collected primary data and identified the key players in the market.
  • Helped a multinational telecommunications company to enlarge its customer base in China by identifying 200+ potential customers with in-depth industry analysis.
  • Participated in the research of electric vehicles global study, mainly focused on the charging infrastructure in Europe, USA and China.

Before joining PTOLEMUS, Haili worked as a Business Analyst Assistant at Nielsen, where she gained a good amount of knowledge on how to conduct secondary research effectively in the FMCG industry. She also worked as a Market Research Assistant at Savills, mainly responsible for collecting primary data to build commercial & residential real estate reports. She also has experience in data analysis thanks to the position she held at Eurofins. 

Haili holds a double master’s degree in Management and Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence from EDHEC Business School, and a BSc in International Business from China. 

Haili is currently based in Paris and has lived in China, Portugal and Belgium.  She is a Mandarin native speaker, is fluent in English and in Cantonese.


  • Electric Vehicles
  • Data analysis