Chirag Ramesh Kalose

Business Analyst, Brussels

An engineering and business graduate, Chirag has gained experience in market research and development projects in the motor insurance sector, focusing in usage-based solutions.

About Chirag

Having completed his masters in management from one of France’s top business schools, Chirag has done extensive research about shifting paradigms towards electro-mobility. He has conducted research on the landscape and partnerships in the developing electric charging infrastructure ecosystem in Europe.

For Faurecia, Chirag has conducted multiple data analytics-related assignments:

  • Monitored corporate reporting tools – Sales Efficiency Dashboards to track commercial actions of key accounts.
  • Worked on a cybersecurity platform and sourced startups to help in the implementation of a hyper secure cloud-based network.
  • Managed to independently develop an E-learning module for an internal sales application along with the IT services based in Tunisia

For an analytics platform supplier, he performed a competitive benchmarking of automotive analytics to redefine its strategic positioning and revamp the value proposition

For a global telematics service provider, he also monitors the global insurance telematics market on a quarterly basis and follows the activities of the leading insurance companies

He led the forecasting section for the Mobile Insurance Global Study. He quantified the mobile insurance app landscape through market research and analysis.

Finally Chirag recently led the update of our global automotive forecasts taking into account emerging trends such as car-as-a-service, light vehicles, autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles.

Chirag is fluent in English and Hindi. He is also proficient in French.


  • Market research and forecasts
  • Strategy definition