My experience of UBI: some insurers are simply missing the point

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I have been analysing the UBI market for about 10 years and believed every programme would take the opportunity to connect with their customers and use driver scoring to give feedback, therefore keeping the customer engaged and reducing risk. I started to drive again 2 years ago and decided to take out a UBI policy […]

Will Italy mandate telematics in Insurance?

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(Italian version) Since August last year, there is a law in Italy that recommends Telematics for all insurance. (L124/2017 – Market and competition act approved by the parliament on 4 August 2017) The general rules follow the 2012 “Monti Decree”, it includes: A requirement for the vehicle to be physically inspected by the insurer before […]

Telematics will “uber-ize” the auto insurance industry, says PTOLEMUS’ new UBI study

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PTOLEMUS Consulting Group released the 2016 edition of its usage-based insurance global study by offering a free, 125-page abstract. Available to download today, the document reveals the key findings of the 1,000-page telematics insurance market analysis. With 230 active programmes and 12 million customers, Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) is now a truly global phenomenon that reaches […]

12 things you need to get right to succeed in UBI

January 23, 2014 by  
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In the last few weeks, three Fortune 500 organisations came to us and said: “2014 is the year of telematics for us. We will be launching a major initiative”. As we constantly talk to insurers about their experience in building Usage based Insurance (UBI) programmes. Some stories and lessons seem to crop up more often […]

Canadian UBI market in full Indian summer bloom

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Until now, UBI in Canada has been limited to a few programmes, but, in the past few weeks, a string of announcements has turned this almost static market into a hot spot for UBI. We caught up with Blair Currie of UBI service providers IMS, one of the ranked Service Providers in the 2013 Telematics […]