Boom or bust? The impact of smartphones and connected vehicles on ETC charging and payments

In the 3 years since we published our first Electronic Toll Collection Global Study the global landscape has seen profound change in almost every single region of the world. Electronic tolling no longer exists only in the background, delivered by players with little recognition among individual consumers. It has now begun a determined journey towards […]

How tolling is moving from a standalone to a fully integrated service

Road tolling is moving beyond traditional technologies and embracing more sophisticated and diverse models. These models are enabling projects such as Singapore’s GNSS-based road pricing system, smartphone-based tolling in Australia, the USA and China and the expansion of Germany’s HGV charging scheme. What’s more, the increasing affordability of RFID 6C tags is enabling full nationwide […]

Mobile tolling in Europe is not as far as you think

September 14, 2015 by  
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There is an app for everything, we already know that, but when health insurance is being linked to devices monitoring our movement, it is obvious the shift is much bigger than switching boxes. We are progressively becoming directly connected to our transport infrastructure and while the methods are changing, the innovation is really in the […]