Smartphones will change the story

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Smartphones are impacting the Usage-based Insurance proposition from different angles but one of the real gains will be seen on the sales and marketing sides. One of the most difficult challenge today and in the future is to ensure the drivers accept a device in its vehicle or agree to download and then use an app that […]

Smartphonisation is reshaping banking. Insurance is next

October 12, 2018 by  
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Less than 6% of all auto insurance policyholders worldwide actively use an insurer’s mobile app. This corresponds to only 50 million drivers globally – about half of US mobile banking users! We reviewed 245 insurance apps worldwide and found that only 45% of the top insurers offer basic corporate services (including insurance ID, coverage details […]

Will Italy mandate telematics in Insurance?

April 16, 2018 by  
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(Italian version) Since August last year, there is a law in Italy that recommends Telematics for all insurance. (L124/2017 – Market and competition act approved by the parliament on 4 August 2017) The general rules follow the 2012 “Monti Decree”, it includes: A requirement for the vehicle to be physically inspected by the insurer before […]

Assicurazione dei veicoli: l’Italia spinge seriamente sulla telematica?

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(english version) Da agosto dello scorso anno, c’è una legge in Italia che raccomanda l’utilizzo della telematica a tutte le compagnie assicurative. (L124/2017- Legge mercato e concorrenza del 4 agosto 2017) Le regole generali, inizialmente introdotte dal  “decreto Monti” già nel 2012, comprendono: Possibilità dell’assicuratore di ispezionare  il veicolo prima della firma del contratto; Possibilità […]

Car makers should not be worried by Tesla’s Master Plan, Part Deux

Tesla has innovated in a number of highly impressive ways and demonstrated its ability to be one step ahead of established car manufacturers, particularly in terms of how it markets and sells its vehicles. That said, Master Plan, Part Deux, published yesterday by founder Elon Musk, arguably highlights the ways in which Tesla has fallen […]

Apps and UBI: The beginning of a great story

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Smartphone apps are becoming more popular with insurers, so we sat down with Lynden Holiday, CEO of MyDrive, to discuss the real potential behind the model and debunk the most often repeated questions. Insurers will benefit from a smartphone app in different ways. It can be a tool to collect data that can be used […]

Insurance Telematics Europe Conference 2013

April 9, 2013 by  
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Our Managing Director, Frederic Bruneteau, will chair and introduce the Insurance Telematics Europe Conference. The conference, taking place on 7-8th May in London, is the number 1 event about telematic insurance in Europe, gathering hundreds of senior delegates. During this time, Mr. Bruneteau will be happy to talk to you about the latest trends of the […]

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