Boom or bust? The impact of smartphones and connected vehicles on ETC charging and payments

In the 3 years since we published our first Electronic Toll Collection Global Study the global landscape has seen profound change in almost every single region of the world. Electronic tolling no longer exists only in the background, delivered by players with little recognition among individual consumers. It has now begun a determined journey towards […]

Embedding eCall as a service will accelerate deployment but challenges remain

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By speeding up the emergency response time, eCall is set to contribute to safer roads in Europe. Since April 2018, OEMs are now obliged by law to equip new vehicles with an eCall device able to detect accidents and automatically establish a voice connection with the relevant 112 operators. This pan-European mandate is aimed at […]

EU’s technology agnostic stance on V2X does not solve all problems

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OEMs, telco, technology and infrastructure providers are jostling to define the standard technology to connect the digital vehicles to the infrastructure and each other. The main contenders are G5 (802.11p) a short-range communications standard similar to Wi-Fi, the other is 5G, a longer-range cellular-based connections managed by the telecom industry. With no technology mandate in […]

OEMs will use mobility platforms to deliver the driverless car

Following the withdrawal of DriveNow from San Francisco in 2015, BMW’s re-launched premium US car sharing service ReachNow, has gone from strength to strength. In a few short months, ReachNow has attracted more than 40,000 users across Portland, Seattle and Brooklyn. In late November 2016, it was announced that ReachNow would launch a series of […]

Fleet sharing: The next evolution of the leasing market

October 24, 2016 by  
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Car sharing is a global mobility trend growing so fast it can be tough to keep abreast of developments. Earlier this year, we posted a blog arguing that OEMs would dominate the global car sharing market, supported by a bullish 5 year growth projection we published within our Connected Mobility Global Forecast. In the last […]

Why OEMs will dominate the global car sharing market

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The major OEMs have all been late to the car sharing game. Despite this, within a very short space of time, they are moving towards a dominant position in many major countries and have proven to be among the most innovative B2C operators. As we explore in our newly published Connected Mobility Global Forecast, the […]