EU’s technology agnostic stance on V2X does not solve all problems

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OEMs, telco, technology and infrastructure providers are jostling to define the standard technology to connect the digital vehicles to the infrastructure and each other. The main contenders are G5 (802.11p) a short-range communications standard similar to Wi-Fi, the other is 5G, a longer-range cellular-based connections managed by the telecom industry. With no technology mandate in […]

Has Alexa already won the autonomous car interface battle?

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In the race for the ownership of the driver interface, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and MirrorLink all claim to be the ultimate co-pilot for drivers. They are not in-car, embedded operating systems, rather a connectivity solution that casts a familiar interface from a smartphone on the car’s built-in display. CarPlay, for instance, is already available […]

Uber, transit’s rival …and ally

December 8, 2017 by  
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Uber’s decision to join the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), an advocacy group for public transport providers, attracted attention this week as many felt the company was taking a gentler stance towards regulators and local authorities than in the past. To date, Uber has fought for its existence in many cities. In the UK, […]

The role of the cities in advancing autonomy

January 17, 2017 by  
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Regulations allowing the use of driverless vehicles are, by and large, missing. The issue is that the regulatory framework required is complex and very different everywhere we looked. Depending where you are, the highway code can be a national, state or regional decision. Many countries do not even have or observe one. So, it is […]

OEMs will use mobility platforms to deliver the driverless car

Following the withdrawal of DriveNow from San Francisco in 2015, BMW’s re-launched premium US car sharing service ReachNow, has gone from strength to strength. In a few short months, ReachNow has attracted more than 40,000 users across Portland, Seattle and Brooklyn. In late November 2016, it was announced that ReachNow would launch a series of […]

The great AV sharing arms race

While many across the Northern Hemisphere have been enjoying the annual summer lull, those in the business of personal mobility have been working unabated. Like the cold war superpowers of old, bold statements and bravado have raised the stakes as tech and automotive giants from Silicon Valley and Detroit draw the battle lines for the […]

Car makers should not be worried by Tesla’s Master Plan, Part Deux

Tesla has innovated in a number of highly impressive ways and demonstrated its ability to be one step ahead of established car manufacturers, particularly in terms of how it markets and sells its vehicles. That said, Master Plan, Part Deux, published yesterday by founder Elon Musk, arguably highlights the ways in which Tesla has fallen […]

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