Our experience

Our partners’ experience in this field includes

  • For one of the world’s largest GIS software companies, evaluated the market for cellular location data. This large supplier of geographical information systems was considering the acquisition of a Cell-ID tracking solution provider

– Assessed the existing UK market for Cell-ID location data as well as growth opportunities ;

– Investigated how mobile operators and terminal vendors retrieve, store and manage their passive and active location datasets ;

– Recommended how a software provider could leverage the immature state of the market.

  • For TFN (Taiwan Mobile now), built the business plan of new entrant in the Taiwanese fixed telecoms market. We took part in consulting project to help TFN prepare for a beauty contest to gain a fixed telecoms licence.

– With the finance and technical team including Siemens, built a business plan of a fixed and broadband internet operator including ;

– Helped TFN (Taiwan Mobile now) to became the second-largest fixed telecom operator.

  • For a large road infrastructure and projects group, conducted a strategic analysis of the European traffic information content market. This group was evaluating the interest of investing in the traffic information market

– Performed a strategic study of the traffic information market including a thorough analysis of all major players’ strategy ;

– Evaluated the attractiveness of the market and made a 5-year forecast of units and revenues generated.