Informa Tech Automotive Group: Connected Vehicle Commerce


08/06/2021 - 10/06/2021    
All Day

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Connected Vehicle Payments is TU-Automotive’ s inaugural event.  The event is divided into 3 targeted 2.5 hour days and will focus on accelerating the future of connected car commerce.  Each day will discuss a different aspect:

  • Day 1: Building the Connected Car Ecosystem (Focus is on collaboration, user experience, HMI, safety, strategy)
  • Day 2: The Connected Consumer Experience (B2C focus on HMI, UX, Data, Security, Privacy and collaboration)
  • Day 3: Data, Fleets & Identity (B2B focus on Data, Collaboration, Identity, UX and strategy)

Each day will end with a “Meet the Speakers” Session – the aim of this session is to bring the speakers from each day together with the audience to discuss the days discussion in more detail, ask questions and make connections.

For more information, please click the following link: here