Our experience

Our partners’ experience in this field includes

  • For SOFICO (Wallonian investment fund), the motorway and highway concession company of the Wallonia Region (Belgium), conducted the feasibility study of a telematics shadow tolling system involving telematics OBUs

– Evaluated the feasibility of 2 technical scenarios ;

– Assessed the economic model for telematics service providers ;

– Identified, contacted and arranged potential solution with a dozen suppliers.

  • Advised Eurotunnel in its investment strategy for a GSM network in the Channel tunnel (UK / France)

– Evaluated available coverage technologies and costs ;

– Built a detailed model to quantify the addressable market from Eurostar and Shuttle passengers and implied national and roaming traffic ;

–  Compared profitability of several investment models (1, 2 or multi-operator infrastructure).

  • For a large road infrastructure and projects group, conducted a strategic analysis of the European traffic information content market. This group was evaluating the interest of investing in the traffic information market

– Performed a strategic study of the traffic information market including a thorough analysis of all major players’ strategy ;

– Evaluated the attractiveness of the market and made a 5-year forecast of units and revenues generated.


You can find more of our experience in this domain from the presentation below: