Transportation companies
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    Transportation companies

    Whilst the whole world is moving to digital, transportation companies are all about the physical world. So what has changed?

    Constraints are accumulating
    – Rising energy costs,
    – Traffic congestion,
    – Increasing social and salary costs,
    – Calls for long term sustainability,
    – Developing competition between transportation modes,
    – Substitution of transportation by digital

    It is becoming a real challenge for transportation companies to meet customers’ expectations while keeping costs under control and service prices competitive.

    How can mobility advancements help?

    New, ubiquitous and low cost wireless technologies are emerging such as GPS, A-GPS, GPRS or RFID.

    These can radically transform the A to B trip, as the following examples demonstrate.

    • GPS route planning helps devising new delivery strategies (including better scheduling, reduced delays and fuel usage, and real time tracking)
    • New systems such as TomTom’s HD Traffic introduce almost live traffic information, which helps reduce trip time

    In the coming decade, we expect a live transportation industry to emerge

    • All moving objects will become connected (cars, trucks, trains, buses, subways, etc.),
    • Transportation of goods will become entirely integrated into company internal systems,
    • Transportation staff will remain connected to the central company network.

    Public transport passengers will also benefit. They will receive, for the first time,
    Relevant data: dynamic, multi-modal, geolocated transport and traffic information,
    – Both information and guidance on the optimal trip,
    – Up-to-date information on when is the next bus, subway or train.

    How can this happen? PTOLEMUS can assist you to face these strategic challenges.

    Our experience in this field.