Sideways companies
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    Sideways companies

    We call “Sideways companies” those companies that are dependent on people’s mobility for a large part of their revenues, for example
    Oil companies, e.g BP, ExxonMobil, Shell, Total
    Hotel chains, e.g. Accor, Best Western, Hilton
    Restaurant chains, e.g. Autogrill, Elior, McDonalds, Quick, Starbucks
    Newsstand chains, e.g. Hachette Distribution Services
    Airport operators, e.g. ADP, BAA
    Duty free chains, e.g. DFS

    Whilst the main focus of these companies is not mobility, they cannot ignore the effects of changes in mobility patterns. Increasingly, their customers will expect to receive more than goods, but also a real service.

    This is why many of these players, e.g. Starbucks, Best Western or McDonald’s now provide Internet access in their premises.

    This is a first step. For most travellers however, travelling still means losing their digital home environment.

    So “sideways companies” face the following challenges
    – How to come close to their customer’s usual digital experience?
    – How to leverage the huge flow of customers they see in their venues every day?
    – How to know more about these customers?
    – How to ensure that their venues will be on the customer’s map?
    – How to become a full service provider vs. a pure reseller of goods?
    – How to provide an end-to-end customer experience from customer’s homes to their venues?

    Proactively solving these issues will be essential for “sideways companies” to take leadership in their industries. Thanks to its long experience of moving customers, PTOLEMUS can assist these companies in leveraging their asset base.

    Our experience in this field.