PND manufacturers
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    PND manufacturers

    We are familiar with the challenges faced by PND vendors.

    In these days of cut-throat competition, all satellite navigation device manufacturers strive to design the PND that will outsell all the others.

    However, with the recent drop in ASPs (average selling prices) of around €100, even the highest volume sellers such as TomTom and Garmin are struggling to show a profits.

    This is the unavoidable result of :

    • Too many players in a market where growth has slowed ;
    • Virtually all companies developing very similar features for the mass market.

    Therefore key challenges include

      • Will there be consolidation or elimination of the weakest?
      • How can 1st and 2nd tier players differentiate their devices in the mass market?
      • What will be the impact of connectivity on the PND category?
      • Which new markets should be explored?

    Our experience in this field.