Our experience

Our partners’ experience in this field includes

  • For ERTICO, the European ITS Association, assisted the company in a number of mobility and positioning projects both with private and public partners.

– Led the ERTICO efforts to devise how forthcoming European positioning systems could improve road transport and mobility in Europe and worldwide ;

– Led a project involving main vehicle manufacturers, tier-1 suppliers, map-makers and service providers aimed at defining vehicle on-board communications technologies dedicated to safety applications.

  • For SOFICO (Wallonian investment fund), the motorway and highway concession company of the Wallonia Region (Belgium), conducted the feasibility study of a telematics shadow tolling system involving telematics OBUs

– Evaluated the feasibility of 2 technical scenarios ;

– Assessed the economic model for telematics service providers ;

– Identified, contacted and arranged potential solution with a dozen suppliers.