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    Government & Regulators

    As for any new industry, the birth of the Mobility Ecosystem will bring entirely new issues for governments and public authorities to solve.

    These include

    1. How to optimize the growth potential of this emerging ecosystem to foster economic growth and job creation?
    – Which R&D programmes and budgets to create?
    – Should certain laws or regulations be passed to drive these industries? For example, shall the EU make the emergency call (e-call) feature mandatory in cars?
    – Should specific education be offered to populatons to drive a faster take-up of these technologies?

    2. What are the strategic parts of the value chain that countries need to control?
    – For national security reasons? Do countries need “national champions” in this domain?
    – To create a sound macro-economic environment?
    – How can governments monitor these new sectors?
    – Should certain parts of the value chain be opened up? Networks, content, operating systems, etc.?

    3. Which domains need to be regulated and how?
    – Should fixed and mobile safety camera location warnings be allowed?
    – Should specific spectrum bands be created for wireless M2M applications?
    – Should other specific scarce resources such as IP addresses, domain names and numbers be reserved for this?
    – What is the right level for regulating these questions? Regional, National, Continental or Global?
    – How can national governments effectively tackle international issues such as personal privacy, protection against mobile spamming, location-based segregation, etc.?
    – Should specific interconnect, international and national roaming models be adopted for wireless M2M to enable sustainability and quality?

    Our experience in this field.