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    Content & Service providers

    Thanks to the Web 2.0, it seems we all are becoming content providers, with our PCs, cameras and mobile phones.

    It is now very simple to produce content, whcih makes it more and more widespread. Because value is based on scarcity, the value of pure content provision is therefore declining.

    Crisis or stagnation threatens virtually all content and media groups
    – Newspapers are challenged by blogs,
    – Encyclopedies and dictionaries are challenged by Wikipedia and Wiktionary,
    – TV channels are challenged by YouTube and DailyMotion,
    – Safety camera locations are available for free in many countries.

    Content remains fundamental but now needs to be integrated into a complete experience or a service. This is even more the case in mobility because constraints are bigger: little time, little bandwidth, no possibility to browse, etc.

    Therefore, success lies in the aggregation and in the integration of the content into the global experience. Companies that have been able to deliver such complete experiences in a mobile environment include DoCoMo, Apple or TomTom.

    We have gained a long experience of this domain and can help your company answer the following questions

    1. How to transform content into a service?
    2. How to leverage location technologies to improve the experience?
    3. What to give away? What to charge for?
    4. How to adapt fixed content to the mobile environment?
    5. How to create an end-to-end experience?
    6. How to leverage the power of your customer base thanks to crowdsourcing?

    Our experience in this field.