Our experience

Our partners’ experience in this field includes

  • For Cobra Automotive Technologies, led the business development relationship with the Fiat Group.

– Designed and managed the development of an easy and cheap Stolen Vehicle Recovery system for Fiat’s Blue&Me navigation platform. 

  • For Fortune 500 companies (e.g. Peugeot), conducted an extensive number of international assignments on marketing and distribution in Europe, Asia and in the Americas.
  • For Magneti Marelli, developed its usage-based charging telematics business and participated to the launch of its first container tracking device

– Supported the Magneti Marelli management in starting-up the business and setting-up the logistics platform to supply the insurance telematics business ;

– Achieved the successful launch of an automotive grade black box ;

– Supported the tuning of the first supply to Octo Telematics and the initial business model for Autostrade.

You can find an update of our experience in this field in the presentation below:

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