Maria Grazia Verardi

Senior Expert – eCall

Maria Grazia Verardi

Maria Grazia Verardi has gained over 15 years of strategic and operational experience in the domain of telematics. Currently, she is involved in smart mobility and smart city projects, therefore combining expertise in the automotive industry and the energy sector.

Maria Grazia is actively involved in CEN pan-European eCall working group. She participated in the development edit and review of the eCall requirements and standards. She also worked on the definition of the eCall minimum set of data (MSD) as well as the operating requirements for third party support.

Earlier, Maria Grazia was Telematic Expert for Cobra, a major European TSP. He gained significant experience in projects coordination and project management in the field of telematics for the automotive industry.

As Telematic Engineer, she acquired high experience of services/products definition and pre-sale activities carried out with major European carmakers such as Porsche, Audi, VW, PSA, Renault and Nissan.

Before that, Maria Grazia was a member of INFN and developed a lot of experience in statistical analysis methods of high-energy physics at CERN laboratory in Geneva (Switzerland).

Finally, she is fluent in English, Italian and French.