Apoorv Swarup

Senior Business Analyst, Paris

Apoorv has gained 5 years of strategic, managerial and operational experience across India and France, including automotive and consulting firms, such as Renault, Michelin, TechnoServe and Bharat Petroleum.

At PTOLEMUS Apoorv has worked on multiple projects such as:

  • Led research and conducted industry interviews on electric vehicles for the global mobility forecast and report
  • Built the global electric vehicle forecast for passenger cars up till 2030 comprising of battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
  • Established the M&A target strategy and  conducted due diligence for one of China’s largest usage based insurance pricing companies
  • Quantified the opportunity size of fleet management services for the leading car-rental company in the US

Before PTOLEMUS, Apoorv worked with:

  • Renault, where he led a 5-member team to map out the competitive landscape, including product and pricing strategies for electric car services and connected services ecosystem
  • Michelin,  where Apoorv was in charge of a project team that developed financial- and incentive-based mechanisms for Michelin’s distributors to deploy the ‘long lasting performance’ initiative
  • TechnoServe, where he worked on a World Bank project and developed a 4-year action plan to increase incomes, profitability and market-access for 17 million Indian farmers