UBI supplier ranking

As part of the UBI Global Handbook – the last section of the UBI Study – PTOLEMUS has interviewed and analysed the main stakeholders in the telematics insurance sector and provided a series of profiles.

Among them, PTOLEMUS profiled 18 technology providers, 26 service providers, 24 usage-based insurance programmes and 20 countries’ readiness levels.

In order to assist insurers and all other stakeholders in their selection, PTOLEMUS ranked these suppliers to reflect the general credibility of the solutions based on 14 criteria, such as:

  • The focus the company has placed on Usage-Based Insurance
  • The degree to which the device is designed with the insurance market in mind
  • The depth of features available to the insurer
  • The level of possible customisation
  • The innovative character of the solution and the company as a whole
  • The company’s global footprint

And many moreā€¦

PTOLEMUS’ ranking is broken down by geographic area, business segment and telematic device used.

A total of 14 companies have received top marks in the 2013 Insurance Telematics Supplier Ranking, in 31 categories including Best Insurance Telematics Technology Provider and Best UBI Service Provider.

AnyData, ATrack, CalAmp,Cobra Automotive Technologies, cTrack, Danlaw, DriveFactor, DriveProfiler, Geotab, Himex, IMS, Masternaut, MetaSystem, Mobile Devices, Movelo, MyDrive, Octo Telematics, Orion Technology, Pointer Telocation, Quartix, Redtail, Scope, Telefonica, Teletrac, TomTom, Tracker South Africa, Trimble, Verizon, Webtech Wireless and Wunelli have all been ranked at least once.

Some of the results are described in the Press Release, but you can download the full table and discover who ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each of the categories. Simply fill in the form below and an email will be sent to you automatically, containing a link to download the PDF.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at thomas@ptolemus.com

Telematics Insurance Suppliers Ranking 2013

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