Our experience

Our partners’ experience in this field includes

  • For Tom Tom, the world leader of in-car navigation, defined and implemented LIVE (connected) services strategy for in-car navigation devices (EU)

– Led the product management team to write specifications for connected services (incl. HD Traffic, Safety Alerts, Fuel Prices and Local Search) ;

– Supervised negotiation of contracts with content partners (Google, etc.) ;

– Defined packaging and pricing of the offering to end-users (LIVE Services bundle) ;

– Defined and delivered launch plan in 5 countries.

  • For SFR Vodafone’s, defined the positioning for its WiMax operations (France) 

– Evaluated the performance of the technology vs. existing networks and implied potential customer benefits ;

– Estimated realistic WiMax devices roadmap from vendors’ forecasts ;

– Identified target customer segments and applications and their location.

  • For Ericsson, led several business development & product management roles around Europe

– Worked to consolidate 2nd Generation GSM as the dominant cellular standard and securing migration to 3rd Generation WCDMA, allowing Ericsson to exploit their undisputed leadership in Infrastructure Solutions ;

– Secured Ericsson’s largest infrastructure contracts and frame agreements with Mannesmann Mobilfunk (now Vodafone D2).