Autonomous cars will want you distracted

Maybe we all have understood the potential benefits of automation in terms of safety and convenience. Yet getting into a car driven by a machine or handing control over to one will require a step change in trust. We will need to trust a car, a brand and maybe also a mobility service provider. That […]

Who will drive connected services until driverless cars roam the streets?

March 29, 2017 by  
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2016 saw more new cars connected to the network than new phones for the first time in history, and we expect that by 2020, 232 million vehicles will have active in-vehicle connected services. By that time 60 million vehicles will be on the road with some automated driving functions. It is not surprising that Telecom […]

Tesla should become an insurer

In its Q4 2016 and full year financial results and Q&A webcast, Tesla’s President of Global Sales and Service, Jonathan McNeill, spoke about Tesla’s future vision of a “one-price” offer that includes car, insurance and maintenance. The comment was made on the basis of their activity in HongKong and Australia, providing insurance through underwriting partners. It […]

EETS – The Ecotaxe’s greatest legacy

March 6, 2017 by  
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In 2004, the European Commission (EC) first issued the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) directive. At the time, it was heralded as a solution to the chronic lack of interoperability between toll domains, which often resulted in a mass of confusion and on-board-units (OBUs) across truck dashboards and windscreens. EETS promised that a single contract […]

The role of the cities in advancing autonomy

January 17, 2017 by  
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Regulations allowing the use of driverless vehicles are, by and large, missing. The issue is that the regulatory framework required is complex and very different everywhere we looked. Depending where you are, the highway code can be a national, state or regional decision. Many countries do not even have or observe one. So, it is […]

Who benefits from an ecosystem of Driverless Taxis?

January 17, 2017 by  
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With the announced arrival of driverless vehicles used in fleets of taxis, we are at the dawn of a new age of mobility. Level 4 driverless technology is expected to add an additional £10,000 (at cost price) to the price of a vehicle, so we expect that driverless vehicles will be almost entirely owned by […]

OEMs will use mobility platforms to deliver the driverless car

Following the withdrawal of DriveNow from San Francisco in 2015, BMW’s re-launched premium US car sharing service ReachNow, has gone from strength to strength. In a few short months, ReachNow has attracted more than 40,000 users across Portland, Seattle and Brooklyn. In late November 2016, it was announced that ReachNow would launch a series of […]

Why Big Data analytics has become the next battlefront in insurance

December 1, 2016 by  
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Higher disruptive waves are rolling in on the insurance sector and their pace is accelerating. It took 15 years for insurers to sell direct to their customers, and to price and issue policies online while competing on price comparison websites. Many still have not achieved it. But the waves have accelerated and insurers now need […]

The world’s largest scheme is a clear example of how not to introduce road pricing

One year ago, despite a seemingly impossible time frame, protests from hauliers, physical and cyber-attacks and numerous last minute alterations to the fee structure, the world’s largest satellite based tolling project began. On 15th November 2015, the Russian Federal Road Agency (FRA) and its state owned partner, RT-Invest, launched Platon; a GNSS open road tolling […]

Singapore has it all starting

With the announcement of the first driverless taxi from NuTonomy, we looked again at the country constantly redefining mobility. From the first free-flow toll system, the first usage-based insurance (UBI) programme for private-hire fleets (by AXA with ride hailing and car pooling provider Grab) to the first UBI trials in Asia, the small city state […]

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